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August 2016 — Issue 27

August 26, 2016

We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 27th issue of The Light Ekphrastic:

Anna BernsteinWild Boar; To the Man Who Winked at Me on the Train (poetry)

Morgan DownieContour; Treasured/Mermaid’s Tears (art)

Edward Doyle-GillespieBetween Sets at The Top of the World Café; Through Elephant Grass (poetry)

J.C. ElkinBirds on Birds; Winter White (poetry)

Sylvia Fischbach-BradenBirds on Birds; Take-Out (art)

Allen Forrest Blues Boogie; Through Elephant Grass (art)

Juliette GoodwinUntitled; Winky (art)

TS HidalgoR&D; A country is built slowly, (poetry)

Christine HigginsThe Shell; Beach Glass (poetry)

Clinton Inman Untitled (art)

Avelino MaestasThe White Virgin (art)

Contributor Bios


May 2016 – Issue 26

May 16, 2016

We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 26th issue of The Light Ekphrastic:

Jeanne DeLarm-NeriMy Mother’s 99th Birthday, The Wedding Of (poetry)

Elizabeth Downing – An Underwater Spirit, Bliss (art)

Gail Fishman Gerwin – The Mile, Bliss (poetry)

Emory D. Jones – Singing Grandma, O’Keefe (poetry)

Sanzi Kermes – II, Big Eyed Bride (art)

Margo Lemieux – Aphotic Reverie, Awakening (poetry)

Katherine Menon – Piercing Shadow, Saturday Morning Ritual (poetry)

Bonnie Schupp – Alice, Stone Flower (art)

Christy Sheffield Sanford – Squid Dreams II, Awakening (art)

Martha Simons – Crow Spirits 2, Buddha Bunny (art)

Ron Singer – “Zu Hot!”, The Grid Effect (poetry)

Jenna M. Sterner – Don’t Let the Light In, It Gets Too Hot; Beyond the Grid (art)

Artist Bios – May 2016

February 2016 – Issue 25

February 22, 2016

We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 25th issue of The Light Ekphrastic:

Lauren Coggins When I Worked at the Camera Shop; A Night and the Next Morning (poetry)

Marlayna Demond – Harpers Ferry; Speaking Through Rocks (art)

Linda FranklinHER at Ease; Illusion of Future for Him (art)

Michael Gebelein We do have things in common; Apocolypse tomorrow (poetry)

Charlie “Isa” Guzman – Bird Janus; Ruido Pequeno/Small Noises (poetry)

Richard Manly HeimanMoon Like a Sun Like a Montage; Dali at home (poetry)

Karen Klinedinst – Morning Moon; Toward the Blue (art)

Angel Aragón MuredduDaedalus 1; Where the Star Rests Everyday (Absence) (art)

Artist Bios – February 2016


November 2015 – Issue 24

November 22, 2015

We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 24th issue of The Light Ekphrastic:

David B. Bagwell – Extinction, squares and circles (art)

Eleanor Edgeworth – Blooming, Passing (art)

Christopher Justice – A Geometry Long Forgotten, Squares and Circles (poetry)

Jennifer Lothrigel – Individuation, Creation Story (art)

Tom Pescatore – Lauryl, Snowy Peaks of the Desert (poetry)

Geraldine Pontius – Tribeca Homeland, Eight Photos (art)

Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus – Daphne, Redrock (art)

Jay Sheets – What Hands Wish To Be, The Great World (poetry)

Sarah Smith – Ventilation Tower for the Holland Tunnel, Evensong (poetry)

Carol A. Stephen – A Desert Flowering, If I Leave (poetry)

Artist Bios – November 2015


August 2015 – Issue 23

August 22, 2015

We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 23rd issue of The Light Ekphrastic:

Elena BerrioloOh, If I Could Write Music; A Season Unfinished (art)

Apala BhowmickReduced Visibility; How to Build a Terrarium (poetry)

Ann BrackenThe Apple in His Eyes; Mrs. S. (poetry)

Cindy BrownAlpha, Untitled 29 (poetry)

Melissa Penley CormierUntitled; selenic blues (art)

S.J. Crane Vesuvius; A Season Unfinished (poetry)

Morgan DownieMolnform; Untitled 29 (art)

David EberhardtThrough the Stone Henge; Blind Girl (poetry)

Beatriz F. FernandezHomeland, Crows (poetry)

George HagegeorgeUntitled; Bricks (poetry)

Mary HuddlestonBeach Scene; The Remains of the Day (art)

Janet Little JeffersSwoop; Sky, Beckoning (art)

Mary JesionowskiAncient Rites I, Ancient Rites II (art)

Leslie F. Millerjane doe; ode to Monday (poetry)

Catherine MooreTime Lapse; The Moon Insists (poetry)

Andrea NoelApple of God’s Eye; Mrs. S. (art)

Barbara Ruth The Beauty of Wrinkles; Terrarium in the Tunnel of Dreams (art)

Laura SmithDivers Down; Crows (art)

Adel SoutoUntitled; Monday (art)

Prasanna SurakantiWhere Life Is; Unfledged Starling (poetry)

Artist Bios – August 2015

May 2015 — Issue 22

May 20, 2015

PrecipiceFolly & PerilsmCasual-Expression

We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 22nd issue of The Light Ekphrastic:

Ram BrisueñoOracle; an ecstasy between us (paintings)

Cheryl Fair Off Season; The Aeneid (photography)

Kate GillespieHyporheric Hibernaculum; Rahilia, in pieces (poetry)

Trish HopkinsonEurydice’s Cardinal; A Leveling (poetry)

Janet MaherWoolen Mill #7; Folly and Peril; Measured Thus (encaustic collage)

Avelino Maestas A River Once Ran Through It; Casual Expression (photography)

Anna MirzayanGraffiti Queen; Writing time at Philz. (poetry)

Tim SingletonAn Ecstasy of Flowers; Between Us, a haibun (poetry)

Patricia WentzelWoolen Mill #7; In Search of This and That (poetry)

Beth WilliamsThe Storm Before the Calm; Precipice (fabric collage)

Artist Bios – May 2015


Special Issue: The Baltimore Ekphrasis Project

March 15, 2015

We are pleased to share the work of the following Baltimore-area artists and writers who participated in The Baltimore Ekphrasis Project, a special collaboration between LED Baltimore and The Light Ekphrastic.

See the work from the LED Baltimore Art Board (presented March 16-April 12) here.

Congratulations to all who participated!

Elinor Abbott Dear Ethan Hawke; Snooze Button
Carlton AndersonRain; Traveling
Amy ArthurLonicera Japonica; Bud Scar
Baltimore Hoop LovePlay; Of Light And Water
David BeaudouinA Natural Bent; After “Sweet Talk”
Jennifer BishopKing; Untitled
William BrownPain & Wisdom; Dwelling on the Past
Jacob BudenzEarth Is the Target,/We Are the Trigger,/Ashes! Ashes!/We Don’t Fall Down; Pastel Witch
Dottie CampbellDragon Dreams; Queen Calafia’s Morning Mirror
Dayna CarpenterUntitled; Colliding Coasts
Se Jong ChoWindow; Teeth
Juliana ConverseBoy the Wonder and Olivia Have a Drink; Sea House
Caryn CoyleDetour; Discarded Roses
Matthew Clarke Davis Sweet Talk; Conflict Fruit
Marlayna DemondUntitled; Fleeting
Tracy DimondLost Time and Gloves; Maintain Effervescence
Jim DoranSea House; The Room of Indefinite Holding
Edward Doyle-GillespieQueensbury Rules; Far From Enoch
Christian ElderFloating Island in the Galaxy; Untitled
Aurora Engle-PrattHomeward; Salt White
Cheryl FairTranscendental Homelessness; Genes/Jeans
Katie Feild(snowfall); (open)
Sylvia Fischbach-BradenBig Top; Season of the Heart
Jared T. Fischer Pork Mama Vaping; Hippo Piggy Flies a Kite
Fitz FitzgeraldSun Papers; LED
Eric D. GoodmanPlaces; Wisdom and Pain
Juliette GoodwinCamera Morte; Rowhouse Dream
Alina GrigorovitchOn the Hill of Trees; Out From the Secret World
Tracy HauserAfter Night; Cinder
A. J. HayesWinter; The Greatest You on Earth
Matt HohnerOf Light and Water; Pulse
Lorraine ImwoldRail Grind; Untitled
Dave K.Your Parents Still Have Sex; Shut Up You Idiot Pt. III
Ashlie Kauffmanfrom Isamu Dreams of Flying; Just like a lighthouse sitting in a dark, distant universe
Sanzi KermesDaddy Long Legs; Symmetry
Dylan KinnettKite; Conversation at the Jubilee Cafe
Leonard KoganParallels; Endogenous Throb
Minás KonsolasBroken Mirror; Untitled
Kevin Krause On a Morning Run at Druid Hill Lake; For Tityrus
Judith KrummeckA Fancy; My bellwether
Seola LeePopped, My Helium Heart; The Door
Dara LorenzoAlways in One Place and Not the Other; I Saw You
Kate MacKinnonno more blue skies 3; I Have Not Forgotten
Kat Malone4 Silent Things; Untitled
Howard MarkmanWelcome to Smalltimore; Between the Glasphault and the Stars
Mandy May Red; Dawn Thaw
Anthony MollOrpheus with the Awkward Foot; His Grace
Tim NoheCandles for Faust; The Little Owl Seamstress
Nicole K. OstrowskiBliss; Passion
Erin OuslanderThe Donautilus; Young Ethan Hawke Wants to Give You This Kitten
Carly RichmondAmaryllis; Nestled
Maggie RobbinsLiving Roam; Water More
Heather RoundsHuberta; Untitled
Magan RuthkeWhat Mykonos is Made Of; nerves like wires
Bob SchofieldThe Sky is No Longer Where I Left It; Space Garden
Whitney G. SchultzPublic Displays of Affection; Prayer for Moath
Laura ShovanSymmetry; Daddy Long Legs Speaks
Mary K. SkeenParadise Lost; Listen
Anna SlesinskiPlanting; Until Now
CarlaJean ValluzziA Trick of Twilight; Contraposto
Gregg WilhelmJutting Out; Arithmetic of an Argument
Beth WilliamsWay Out; The Gravity of the Situation
Edward WilliamsMt. DeSales; Boxer of Queensbury Rules
Rupert WondolowskiSpring Makes Me Small; Untitled
Matthew ZinggFor Sure We Are Two Human Beings; Untitled
Mychael ZulaufUntitled, Untitled


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