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Croy & McKeough – February 2022

Lindsay McKeough and Mary E. Croy traded art and words. Lindsay shared this untitled painting with Mary:

In response, Mary wrote this poem:

moon stir

moon stirs sky
tablature rising 
playing C
on dusk’s gold strings

trees shout at starlight
“where have you been?
you’ve kept us waiting!”

“Yes, but now comes the song” 
night replies, a thousand colors paint sound
light places gentle fingers
strumming      searching      finding
this new music

* * * * *

Mary shared this poem with Lindsay:

night train

the train sounds far away
it will draw nearer
bring a stop to passing traffic
as lights switch yellow to long lasting 
closer still orange streetlight
eyelash branches drawing shadows
open window trades in cold drafts
now that winter opens her doors

the sounds of wheels turning
not worried about light or lack of light
the tracks prepared to carry gliding

we are a point on a map
wheels prefer not stopping
turning on
making their own breeze
as they go from point A to B
sky, stars
somewhere above
set their own cool 

In response, Lindsay made this image, titled “Winter Line”:

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