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Hagegeorge & Walker – November 2022

Anastasia Walker and George Hagegeorge traded art and words. George shared this image, titled “Body Temple,” with Anastasia:

In response, Anastasia wrote this poem:

Body Temple

worlds in worlds that words
pall but baremouthed,
-soled & -skinned
the light pours in thru
sinews’ filigreed windows
& your heart’s red pillars
the Great Mother censes
with honeyed arches up
sunrising hills into
your impossibly blue

* * * * *

Anastasia shared this poem with George:

A Blue Sky Big With Memory, Desire

A blue sky big with memory, desire
births sun sprites’ dances through an endless
wood’s green gloom and a whispering
sea swollen with secrets of
the looming summer—the unnumbered
mornings spraying from its plumed waves
into a cumulus’ cradling embrace

Your beauty breaks me: swallow me
in your aching immensity

In response, George made this image, titled “A Blue Sky”:

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