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Goodwin & Bargteil – August 2021

Mary Bargteil and Juliette Goodwin traded art and words. Juliette shared this image, titled “Eye of Alix,” with Mary:

In response, Mary wrote this poem:


The storm clouds roused from slumber,
belly bruise-blue swelling beneath
platinum white blisters. 

The tall oaks and maple limbs 
lift and ride the sweep of chill 
winds, leaves turning over,

exposing white undersides
thirsting for rain. Plump drops 
land gracelessly on the deck, the 

grass, the potted flowers. The 
trees begin to dance erratically,
limbs crashing into limbs, trunks

drunkenly swaying. Then the
rain torrents, destroying delicate
petals, trampling the grass. 

A breath, an exhale, and sunlight
peers between the clouds, a brilliant
blue eye of sky, unblinking and unphased. 

* * * * *

Mary shared this poem with Juliette:


They will never look for us
here among the marble markers
in perfect rows; the angels with
wings eternally extended.

Respect the garden, the wrought iron
gate latched softly. Beneath the damp
morning grass, the sleeping
are not disturbed.

Despite our mirth and abandon, 
the moon painting our skin 
with pale milk. Our damp clothes
tugging at our happy flesh,

they sleep peacefully.

In response, Juliette made this image, titled “Clouds Above and Below”: