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Harvey & Iverson – February 2023

Ann Iverson and Heather Harvey traded art and words. Heather shared this piece, titled “Fire Next Time,” with Ann:

In response, Ann wrote this poem:

This Will Have To Be Enough

This chaotic arrangement in winter
walls of the house closing in.

The ghosts of the animals at large
as though their absence
is a crime. 

If something is missing
we’ll order it
have it delivered by noon.

Clamor at last
to make silence
its golden plan.

We have deer who appear
in shadow at night
as shadow
of shadow
shadow in shadow
then shadow.

This will have to be enough
the dark spots
we might find on our lives.

* * * * *

Ann shared this poem with Heather:

Autumn Notebook

The sky unutterably indescribably indefinably impossibly blue
the garage roof ablaze with fallen foil
the painter outside in shorts and a lime green T

his truck white, legs tan
the lawn a blanket of mustard needle
the school bus orange and hot in the sun

the coming and going bright red
or a cardinal’s song once more
the leaving and falling of green

mistaken for forgiven
the roundabout way of purple
or the frail path of the hour

the dexterity of pink
or the coming of grace
the azure day leaking

a marmalade of light
the wind maroon and mourning.

In response, Heather made this image, titled “Mournful Maroon”:

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