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Ciattei & Evans – May 2023

Devon Evans and Chris Ciattei traded art and words. Chris shared this image, titled “The Deep End,” with Devon:

In response, Devon wrote this poem:

Forest | Night

We used to run these woods together
the moon our illumination
Last night      I dreamt that summer
            when the field
            was fat
            with fireflies
How we stood still as towers when their wings
fluttered at our necks     knees     arms

Tonight is like that night
Walking to the well I hear you
in the call of wolves     the rustle
of leaves    Your breath layered
in shadow    your scent
between trees

When I find the stones
I grasp the circle     shuffle
to well’s edge
            shift the lid
I lean to guide bucket to water
            but stop
The moon’s reflection
The shape of your chin

wavers in the water below      the detail
            amid branches
            along moon’s curve
With trembling arms I reach
            around the well
            attempt an embrace    to hold
            onto some thing      A sob
escapes    I hear yours
in its echo.

* * * * * *

Devon shared this poem with Chris:

Blue Described

Electric little boy. See sad black
bells, baby’s unusual moon. Wear
lapis lazuli, silken cerulean pastels.
Here’s powdered clarity, veined cheese
            Water pouring

ridged mountains to icey sunsets. Period.
Suede shoes in willow hues. Light special
on cotton candy, berries, skies, birds. I’m
bruised breathless, a steel Venus or raspberry
Russian, clues horned and gilled. Whales
                                                      and rains

into wild yonders. Blood, hounds, cobalt
stockings, and truth to wrap the Holy Mother.
Oasis notes with star-shine, big-eyed.
Bearded devils over Earth, ocean depths
and angels. Chill Curacao notes
amid inked and houred shadows.

In response, Chris created this image, titled “Indigo-go”:

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