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Nohe & Norman – May 2022

Keleigh Norman and Timothy Nohe traded art and words. Timothy shared this image titled “After Brancusi” with Keleigh:

In response, Keleigh wrote this poem:


Your sun-dyed hand,
with piano ready fingers
and tooth-carved nails
playing itsy-bitsy spider
along my crescented spine,
weaving a careful path
toward Eden’s hidden fruit;

Dust-ridden Brancusi
lounges on a tufted chaise,
biting into his midday snack
that’s fresh from Anairo market
at a discounted price;

Miyamoto’s 1985 princess
with feline eyes
scanning the walls
of an antiquated keep,
rats scurrying along the halls;

Rage suppressed with
yellow teeth and chapped lips
that are pinned into
a torpid grin.

* * * * * *

Keleigh shared this poem with Timothy:

Restless Desert

A pulsating hypothalamus
steams atop rugged phoenix,
splotchy Camelback yawning
in the distance.

Ravenous coyotes howl
beneath her rumbling belly,
peeling strips of moonlight
from a pockmarked Milky Way
and sliding the shriveled rays
between dusty canines.

Caffeine strangles adenosine
and is a paper towel
swallowing jack rabbits
as they fling themselves
across wrinkled irises.

Midnight extends its tongue,
licking needle lashes
as they attempt to blink away
cerebral monsoon,
lego clouds threatening to piss
on warm amygdala
smearing a polluted sky
that should be much darker.

Brain stem is a strobe light
projecting fractured mirage,
faceless people climbing
splintered saguaros
no longer green, but blue.

Glimmering automobiles
curl around blistered highways,
pustule potholes burning
in the still-hot night.

Sudden melatonin torrent,
a pill-induced flash flood
overflowing drought-ridden
pineal canal.

Queen-sized oasis
metamorphosed into dead
Cleopatra crocheting
constellations shaped like
L’s and crooked spines,
restless and aching.

In response, Timothy made this image, titled “Brain Stem Strobe Light”: