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Field & Diamond – May 2021

Linda Eve Diamond and Joann Field traded art and words. Joann shared this image, titled “Jazz,” with Linda Eve:

In response, Linda Eve wrote this poem:

Chromatic Harmonies 

Dark clouds, cool night
jazz band warming up.

We don’t expect much—
then light jazz takes a turn

turning on the jazz lights
rising up, taking shape 

as a soothing tonic key opens up 
the bridge between sound and sight

with bright chromatic harmonies
filled with prismatic possibilities 

arrangements rearranging 
variations taking flight 

inversions inspiring a sense 
of harmonically lit synesthesia 

chords ascending and turning to gold  
notes twinkling like a string of bulbs 

all the winds swirling blues into spirals 
piano notes scrawling a rolling cloud

the drums beating a lively pulse
emoting floating images to life

while faint visions of musicians 
side-slip into softly lit silhouettes 

aglow and nearly afloat with the notes 
as if striking such a chord they blend 

and transcend, appearing as if they  
were composed by the music. 

* * * * *

Linda Eve shared this poem with Joann:

Nightingale Notes 

        “Become a voice.”

                    – Sappho

Timeless nightingales in flight 
float the most inspiring notes 

through night and gales of echoes
back to Sappho’s songs of eros

and the ever-lasting invocation
of her ever-timely invitation     

                                     to become
                                                 a voice

In response, Joann made this image, titled “resonance”:

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