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Fair & McKee – November 2022

Paul McKee and Cheryl Fair traded art and words. Cheryl shared this image, titled “Miaplacidus,” with Paul:

In response, Paul wrote this poem:


I struggle at times
when I need the feeling of healing to wash over me
then breeze through a corn field ripe for the picking
with harvest on the horizon.

My own horizon not yet detailed,
a painting where the artist was impartial enough
to separate sea from sky
distant ships blurring into
what appears to be sunrise.

The sunrise to open new chapters in a life that matters,
moments of consequence, never knowing the outcome.
Promises of forever that change lives in a whisper
while the search for deeper meaning continues.

Continues through tomorrow, then the many next
yesterday’s regret torments the perseverance of today
challenge of tomorrow
changing at a moment’s notice upon uncertain seas.

Life’s minutia allows us to
remind one self to fully embrace moments, no matter how brief
child’s laughter, bird song,
running brook, touch of hand,
forced poetry that could well stand through time
added to collections of sunrise promises
billowing ship’s sail.

* * * * *

Paul shared this poem with Cheryl:

Rain Falling

Just my luck – never fails – wouldn’t you know it –
all those cliché about washing your car – sure enough it rains.

Indeed we could use a good dumping.
Tomatoes so close to being ready
we can almost taste them.

Hear the rain falling the garden
Then listen for each drop against the rhubarb.

More a -pop- than a waterdrop
The entire leaf a canvass for a colony of ants
two by two marching under the oversized dry leaves
ready for picking

Taste the sunshine, then
Taste the garden rain

In response, Cheryl made this painting, titled “Garden Rain:”

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