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Contributor Bios – November 2022

Mark Cameron – I am trained as an architect and landscape architect, with my day job as a watershed planner with the Baltimore City Department of Public Works. I started painting during the COVID pandemic as a way to capture what became a small, intimate world. I favor acrylics and enjoy using media like postcards, album covers, and discarded building materials. Recently I sublet a studio in the Mill Centre to experiment with larger pieces. I am originally from Ohio and live in the Hampden area with my cat Hopps. Find me on Instagram at @markcameron351.

Julia Rose Chang – Hey! My name is Julia and I am currently a junior at UMBC, where I major in English and philosophy. I am currently senior editor of my university’s creative arts journal, but when I’m not working on that I like to paint, write bad poetry, and eat anything with pesto on it. Find me on Instagram at @pallmallbae.

Cheryl Fair is a multidisciplinary artist and writer living and working in Baltimore.

George Hagegeorge is a musician and photographer, sometimes working with AI to create new images.

Paul McKee is busy as a full-time supply teacher and part-time poet living in Canada’s arctic. He has only recently been sharing his work publicly both in person and online.

Canadian JC Sulzenko’s poetry appears in anthologies and journals in print and online, either under her own name or her pseudonym, A. Garnett Weiss. In July 2021, Aeolus House released her BricolageA Gathering of Centos, a finalist for the 2022 national Fred Kerner Award (Canadian Authors Association.) Point Petre Publishing issued her debut collection, South Shore Suite…POEMS in 2017.  JC has written six books for children and families, a play on dementia, and two poetry chapbooks, co-authored with Carol A. Stephen, Slant of Light and Breathing Mutable Air. Carol and JC’s manuscript of collaborate ekphrastic poems, Breath of Sky and Water, currently seeks a publisher. JC has given workshops for the Ottawa International Writers Festival, the Ottawa Public Library, the Canadian Authors Association, and many school boards and Alzheimer societies, among others. Find her online at

Maine native Anastasia Walker is a queer poet, essayist, and scholar living in Pittsburgh. Her poems have appeared in several journals, and her first book of poetry, The Girl Who Wasn’t and Is, was published in February 2022. Her essays have been published in Shenandoah, Fourth Genre, and The Rambling. She has also blogged on politics, social media, and LGBTQ+ issues for both Huffington Post and Medium. She’s a proud member of her community’s PFLAG chapter and Indivisible group, a passionate amateur photographer and musicologist, and a lover of long walks and (when she visits home in the summers) swimming in the ocean. Find more from Anastasia at her blog:

Debbie Walker-Lass is a poet, writer and visual creator who lives in Decatur GA. She is a great lover of the ekphrastic process. Debbie has several publishing credits, including Poetry Quarterly, The Ekphrastic Journal, Natural Awakenings, Atlanta, and Haikuniverse, among others. She thanks The Light Ekphrastic and her co-creator for this experience!

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