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Ellis & Brooke – May 2021

Paul Brooke and Jillian Ellis traded art and words. Jillian shared this image, titled “Empty Embrace” with Paul:

In response, Paul wrote this poem:

* * * * *

Paul shared this poem with Jillian:

Winter of the Pandemic

—a zeitgeber 

Intense suffering cannot be measured,
nor calculated by exile, weather. 
We are all meant to survive together.

Emperors congregate en masse, huddle.

Heat loss cut in half. More creche success.
One penguin matters to the cold excess. 
Each male starves for many months in distress,

takes turns at facing outer hell; shuffles

his feet with egg secured like a tether;
faithfully preens each heretic feather. 
Despite frore fear, he keeps his composure.
Sequestered on safe ice reduces exposure.

In response, Jillian made this image, titled “We Survive Together”:

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