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TLE’s 10th Anniversary

Since publishing our first issue in February 2010, The Light Ekphrastic has brought more than 450 artists and writers together from near and far to create new work inspired by their partners. We’ve had gallery shows and our work has beamed brightly above the city of Baltimore on the towering LED board above Penn Station. And we’re still going strong!

This year, we will celebrate our vibrant TLE community around the world with a series of activities and projects. Stay tuned here for the latest.

Join us at Brilliant Baltimore!

Word & Image: Creative Collaboration with UMBC and The Light Ekphrastic
November 2, 2019
6 p.m., Top of the World

In its first decade, The Light Ekphrastic has paired more than 450 artists and writers from Baltimore and around the world to create new works of art and writing inspired by that of their partners. In this panel, TLE participants share their work and talk about how the experience of collaborating with strangers has broadened the way they create.

Co-moderators: Jenny O’Grady, editor of TLE, and Tim Nohe, professor of visual art at UMBC
Panelists: Melissa Penley Cormier, Edward Doyle-Gillespie, Katie Feild, Mandy May

Exquisite Fantastic

November 2019 – March 2020

For many years, I’ve dreamed of using the TLE space to create an original exquisite corpse-inspired collection. So, in honor of our 10th year, we’re doing it! Every two weeks, from November 2019 through March of 2020, we’ll feature the work a new writer or artist has created in response to the one before them. We kicked off the collection with a new work by artist Gina Pierlioni at the beginning of November, and will move through the darker seasons of the year with the brightness of some longtime TLE participants, including Meredith Purvis, Melissa Cormier, Shirley Brewer, Jim Doran, Marlayna Demond, Juliette Goodwin, and more. They’ll be surprised by what they are challenged to work with, and we’ll all get to see what happens!

See the full ongoing collection here.

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