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Skillman & Morel – August 2021

Jeanne Morel and Judith Skillman traded art and words. Judith shared this image, titled “Mediterranean after De Stäel,” with Jeanne:

In response, Jeanne wrote this poem:

Blues Mosaic with Contemplative Pool

     —in our experience of plunging / into and out of the image—Forrest Gander

slabs of concrete

ice cubes


flash of Athabasca Glacier

pure green waters of the Yucatan

          a               bit of orange for warmth

          a               shallow ledge for splashing

so much depends

landscape- pulses- presence

I plunge my toes into still water

* * * * *

Jeanne shared this poem with Judith:


when the others leave
geese overtake 
the beach

light fades

perched on a wooden 
stool    smooth empty

as though on a beach 
in Thailand 
post- pre-boarding 

from lobby
to tarmac 

waiting for banana pancakes
core samples from
the world

I like your work &
other quirks of art 
and etiquette

it is winter in Australia
late rapturous

but this evening
in the Sierra Nevada 

my friend motions
to the lake and says
it is the sea

it is enough

In response, Judith made this image, titled “After Tahoe”: