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Hall & Funes-Gallanzi/Raquel-IA – February 2022

Marcelo Funes-Gallanzi and María Cristina Hall traded art and words. Marcelo shared this image, “Candide,” which was created using his Raquel-IA ekphrasis technology:

In response Cristina wrote this poem:


Rhythmic dances perhaps began
as a way to expand our humanity
embodying through synchronized tap
a grisly animal
a nerve straight to the cry
that tricks a roaring lion.

Now we stand eyes arrows 
angles akimbo hips disjointed
having fallen off a roof,
plastered by gravity.

You may visit the maker 
of minds ethereal
face covered so as not to breathe
the energies of cavernous fumes.

Drops speak of perfection—
reflecting and prismatic
ever-angled, yet here.

The witch shifts the axis
from spine to head—
we dance at the enemy
with elbows.

Man contemplates on the promontory,
shadow to our light.

* * * * *

Cristina shared this poem with Marcelo:

Elements of Home

My apartment burning down 
was just an afterthought. 
Nights cackling at coffee tables,
bodies smoldering on sofa beds—
I sieve and swallow other warmths.
If there is a mild psychopathy
to wrapping hearts in bacon,
it should be forgiven
by the sizzle in my own veins.
Now I prod through thistle beds, 
thick in false callings
from stove, to scarf, to blue eye,
curing everything with salt. 
The heedless tallow seethes,
I leave it open to the air
until I’m left alone to render
the elements of home.

In response, Marcelo (via Raquel-IA) made this image, titled “Home”:

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