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Huddleston & Fulk – May 2022

TS S. Fulk and Mary Huddleston traded art and words. Mary shared this untitled painting with TS:

In response, TS wrote this poem:

An Elm in Spring

While winter’s slumber chilled
throughout my sapwood veins
I dreamed of ages past
of children under shade
and women in their prime
orchestrating their lives

Yet through the veil of nostalgia
crept a thundering yearning gaze
that threatened to split me in twain
like Mjölnir striking a giant
The source a poor child’s fantasy
fueled by anxiety and angst
and a strong desire to be seen
to emerge from its pupal husk

The sun’s rays now lengthen 
Look child — verdant buds awaken

* * * * * *

TS shared this poem with Mary:

Koltrasten (The Blackbird)

The eventide warbling
a broken melody
pleading, yet somehow whole
reminds me of our life —
together, yet yearning,
the harmony of chords.

“Koltrasten,” the common blackbird
your paradoxical voice soars
and sores yearningly with regret —
this airy twitt’ring aria.
Yet, I smile at the discord
hidden within the subconscious
message of your song’s dissonance:
lack and contentment fused, combined.

I breathe in deep your tune.
Our togetherness masks the void. 

In response, Mary made this untitled image:

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