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Grabill & Jones – May 2021

Emory Jones and Vin Grabill traded art and words. Vin shared this image, titled “Inscape 2,” with Emory:

In response, Emory wrote this poem:


All of us have it,
The inscape
Coloring our hearts.

It is always there
Like heartbeats
And brainwaves
As we love, hate,
Fear, accept.

It colors our hearts
With passionate red,
Purple wisdom,
Golden glow,
Green nature,
Sad blue
All the colors
Of our lives.

* * * * *

Emory shared this poem with Vin:


In this mode, Monet was the master—
His Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies
Is a perfect piece of suffused light.

Background foliage drooping, weeping,
Dipping leaf tips in the warm water
Centered on a graceful arch of bridge;
Blue-green water shimmering 
With gold flecks
Splashed with black-green pads
And delicate white flowers—

We feel the warm sun,
The caress of gentle breeze.
Thank you, Claude.

In response, Vin made this image, titled “Cascade 2”:

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