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The Baltimore Ekphrasis Project

March 15, 2015

We are pleased to share the work of the following Baltimore-area artists and writers who participated in The Baltimore Ekphrasis Project, a special collaboration between LED Baltimore and The Light Ekphrastic.

See the work from the LED Baltimore Art Board (presented March 16-April 12) here.

Congratulations to all who participated!

Elinor Abbott Dear Ethan Hawke; Snooze Button
Carlton AndersonRain; Traveling
Amy ArthurLonicera Japonica; Bud Scar
Baltimore Hoop LovePlay; Of Light And Water
David BeaudouinA Natural Bent; After “Sweet Talk”
Jennifer BishopKing; Untitled
William BrownPain & Wisdom; Dwelling on the Past
Jacob BudenzEarth Is the Target,/We Are the Trigger,/Ashes! Ashes!/We Don’t Fall Down; Pastel Witch
Dottie CampbellDragon Dreams; Queen Calafia’s Morning Mirror
Dayna CarpenterUntitled; Colliding Coasts
Se Jong ChoWindow; Teeth
Juliana ConverseBoy the Wonder and Olivia Have a Drink; Sea House
Caryn CoyleDetour; Discarded Roses
Matthew Clarke Davis Sweet Talk; Conflict Fruit
Marlayna DemondUntitled; Fleeting
Tracy DimondLost Time and Gloves; Maintain Effervescence
Jim DoranSea House; The Room of Indefinite Holding
Edward Doyle-GillespieQueensbury Rules; Far From Enoch
Christian ElderFloating Island in the Galaxy; Untitled
Aurora Engle-PrattHomeward; Salt White
Cheryl FairTranscendental Homelessness; Genes/Jeans
Katie Feild(snowfall); (open)
Sylvia Fischbach-BradenBig Top; Season of the Heart
Jared T. Fischer Pork Mama Vaping; Hippo Piggy Flies a Kite
Fitz FitzgeraldSun Papers; LED
Eric D. GoodmanPlaces; Wisdom and Pain
Juliette GoodwinCamera Morte; Rowhouse Dream
Alina GrigorovitchOn the Hill of Trees; Out From the Secret World
Tracy HauserAfter Night; Cinder
A. J. HayesWinter; The Greatest You on Earth
Matt HohnerOf Light and Water; Pulse
Lorraine ImwoldRail Grind; Untitled
Dave K.Your Parents Still Have Sex; Shut Up You Idiot Pt. III
Ashlie Kauffmanfrom Isamu Dreams of Flying; Just like a lighthouse sitting in a dark, distant universe
Sanzi KermesDaddy Long Legs; Symmetry
Dylan KinnettKite; Conversation at the Jubilee Cafe
Leonard KoganParallels; Endogenous Throb
Minás KonsolasBroken Mirror; Untitled
Kevin Krause On a Morning Run at Druid Hill Lake; For Tityrus
Judith KrummeckA Fancy; My bellwether
Seola LeePopped, My Helium Heart; The Door
Dara LorenzoAlways in One Place and Not the Other; I Saw You
Kate MacKinnonno more blue skies 3; I Have Not Forgotten
Kat Malone4 Silent Things; Untitled
Howard MarkmanWelcome to Smalltimore; Between the Glasphault and the Stars
Mandy May Red; Dawn Thaw
Anthony MollOrpheus with the Awkward Foot; His Grace
Tim NoheCandles for Faust; The Little Owl Seamstress
Nicole K. OstrowskiBliss; Passion
Erin OuslanderThe Donautilus; Young Ethan Hawke Wants to Give You This Kitten
Carly RichmondAmaryllis; Nestled
Maggie RobbinsLiving Roam; Water More
Heather RoundsHuberta; Untitled
Magan RuthkeWhat Mykonos is Made Of; nerves like wires
Bob SchofieldThe Sky is No Longer Where I Left It; Space Garden
Whitney G. SchultzPublic Displays of Affection; Prayer for Moath
Laura ShovanSymmetry; Daddy Long Legs Speaks
Mary K. SkeenParadise Lost; Listen
Anna SlesinskiPlanting; Until Now
CarlaJean ValluzziA Trick of Twilight; Contraposto
Gregg WilhelmJutting Out; Arithmetic of an Argument
Beth WilliamsWay Out; The Gravity of the Situation
Edward WilliamsMt. DeSales; Boxer of Queensbury Rules
Rupert WondolowskiSpring Makes Me Small; Untitled
Matthew ZinggFor Sure We Are Two Human Beings; Untitled
Mychael ZulaufUntitled, Untitled


February 2015 – Issue 21

February 18, 2015

Ekphrastic Feb 18_BrettB IPLaureta_FearNicoleO

We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 21st issue of The Light Ekphrastic:

Brett BusangRockpile; A House in the Distance (paintings)

Jennifer ElmoreTo the Artist; The Connecticut (poetry)

Allen ForrestFair Trade Coffee Woman Working (painting); Defiance (drawing)

Kristin LaFolletteDeed’s Creek; Cat People (poetry)

Isabelle P. LauretaFear; Constantly Fickle (paintings)

Lalita Noronha Defiance; Fair Trade (poetry)

Nicole K. OstrowskiLiquid Daffodils; Yesteryear (paintings)

Carol A. StephenWhat is Still Beautiful; the I in the hurricane (poetry)

A. Garnett WeissAntigua; Woman of ice, woman of glass (poetry)

Nancy WynnProlongational Existence; The ‘I’ in hurricane (photographic illustration)

Artist Bios – Feb. 15

TheIinhurricane forrest_light_ekphrastic_defiance_ink_digital_color_12x9

November 2014 — Issue 20

November 24, 2014


We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 20th issue of The Light Ekphrastic:
Sandy Anderson — Untitled; Plié, Tendu, Relevé (paintings)

Sam Corfman — Between Birds; Stonework (poetry)

Eleanor Edgeworth — Flight at Dawn; Grace From Stone (mixed media paintings)

Juliannah Harrison — Horizon Joe; Motherhood (izanami-no-Mikato births kagu Tsuchi (causer of fire)) (drawings)

Katie Hogan– Breaking Bread; Between Worlds (poetry)

Maureen Hynes — The New Calligrapher; To bring people back from the dead (poetry)

Sharain Mines — Breaking Bread; True Reflection (paintings)

Erin Ouslander — Sticks and Stones Will Heal My Bones

Francine Rubin — Views of a City; Translation (poetry)

Dina Riddle — Changes; Sand in the Cactus (paintings)

John Ronan — The Watchman; Death, A Definition (poetry)

Jordan Shelton — Jobbs: Typographic Portrait

Monique Zamir — The Red Ventricle Fractures into Pieces; On Television (poetry)

Artist Bios — November 2014


August 2014 — Issue 19

August 20, 2014
community_theater_2 Paramount(1) Untitled_Mary

We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 19th issue of The Light Ekphrastic:

Carla BargerWasteland (For Antonina Tumkovsky); Octobers (poetry)

Roy BeckemeyerOh, Come Share; Lessons (poetry)

Chrystal Berche Untitled; Untitled (digital art)

Mary Huddleston – Untitled; Untitled (paintings)

S.E. Ingraham – Gatsby? Not So Great Anymore; In The Window I Saw (poetry)

Sharain Mines – my bath runneth over; Dandelions (paintings)

Simon Perchik – Untitled; Untitled (poetry)

Nicholas Power – In Between; alchemist (poetry)

Janet Ruhe-Schoen – Community Theatre; Wave (digital art, painting)

CarlaJean Valluzzi – Paramount; * * * * * (collage)

Peter Weltner – Stone Altars; Three Prayers (poetry)

Nathan Wirth – Deux; Three Prayers (photography)

Earle Wood – Seventh Haven; Hard Truths (music)

Changming Yuan – Community Theatre; Seascaping (poetry)

Artist Bios – August 2014

May 2014 – Issue 18

May 16, 2014

interplanetary_600w Mazurek_GiftforFlies de-composition


We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 18th issue of The Light Ekphrastic:

Eleanor EdgeworthSea Creatures, To Sea or Not (paintings)

Juliette GoodwinInterplanetary, Propeller Mandala (paintings)

Alex GreenbergThe Blind, Gift For The Flies (poetry)

Clinton InmanCrosstown (painting)

Mia Jordande-composition (painting)

Niki KoulourisSea Creatures, 5. (poetry)

Kathleen MazurekIOP (video), Gift for Flies (painting)

Sean MorrisseyHollywood Astronomy, The Won’t-Be-Bothereds (poetry)

Alex RobichaudUntitled, Limbs (photography)

Carol A. StephenReflections in Shadow Light, The Rocks We Moor Upon Have Shifted (poetry)

Evan TurissiniAltered W, A Poem About Flowers (poetry)

Artist Bios – May 2014


Sea Creatures Limbs5.2clinton_inman-Crosstown

February 2014 – Issue 17

February 14, 2014


We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 17th issue of The Light Ekphrastic:

Ariel Marcel in Malibu; Valentine’s Day (collage)

Tina BarryHoneycomb; Her Hair, A Braid (poetry)

Kendra BartellSkin; Please do not touch (poetry)

Meredith DevneyIn the Walnut Box; Hells Angels (poetry)

Sylvia Fischbach-BradenSkin; Splayed (digital art)

Julie GardHomophone Highway; Make Your Own Fun (prose poetry)

Linda FranklinWords From the Jewelry Box (photography); All Metal And Mayhem (digital collage)

Miranda PfeifferIt Won’t Be Long (animation); Her Hair, A Braid (drawing)

Rafe PoseyHigh Desert Sutra; Monsoon (poetry)

Carabella Sands Menagerie; Miniatures (drawings)

John Sibley WilliamsMenagerie; Miniatures (poetry)

Earle WoodHigh Desert Sutra (poetic score); Drunk Monkey (musical composition)

Artist Bios


TLE Show at David Mikow Gallery, February 21

January 18, 2014
I Can Soar Above - In My Dreams, by Carol McGraw

I Can Soar Above – In My Dreams, by Carol McGraw

We are very excited to announce a new show of writing and artwork from the 2013 season of The Light Ekphrastic at The David Mikow Art Gallery in Catonsville. The show will have a special focus on contributors from the UMBC and surrounding community.

Opening Reception
Friday, February 21, 2014
5 – 7 p.m.; 6 p.m. artist/writer reflections
Light refreshments
RSVP on Facebook here

Contributing artists and writers include: Carol McGraw, Darren Cormier, Meredith Purvis, Linda Crosfield, Kirk Halgren, Gregory Wm. Gunn, Carly Richmond, Sylvia Fischbach-Braden, Lorraine Imwold, Carol A Stephen, Erin Barata Ouslander, Rachel Popham, Lynne Parks, Christine Green, Stephen Bradley, Grace Grafton, Marlayna Demond, Francine Rubin, Steven H. Silberg, Tim Nohe, Tim Galligan and Charlotte M. Porter.

The David Mikow Gallery is located at 1002 Vineyard Hill Road, Catonsville, MD 21228. For directions and more information, visit

Published since November 2009, The Light Ekphrastic is a quarterly online journal dedicated to the creation of new written and visual artworks through the collaboration between artists. The evening will include an informal discussion by artist/writer pairs about the ekphrastic processes they used to create new works inspired by the works of their partners.


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