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Kermes & Shovan – Baltimore Ekphrasis Project

Sanzi Kermes and Laura Shovan traded art and words. Sanzi shared this image, entitled “Daddy Long Legs,” with Laura:

DaddyLongLegs_SanziKermesIn response, Laura wrote this poem:

Daddy Long Legs Speaks

To you, my legs
look weak as eyelashes:
eight thin spokes, hairy
at the joints.

My body levitates,
light as air but strong enough
to shift gears,
climbs walls or mountains.

Every day
I know what it means
to master
what gets in my way.

* * * * *

Laura shared this poem with Sanzi:


Trick mirrors reveal
the human face is never folded
in perfect halves. Perhaps
this is true of the butterfly, too.
Pin one up and there’s
a cuffed wing, damaged tail,
scales so thin with wear
sunlight comes through.
After hundreds of miles,
one might call them frail.

In response, Sanzi made this image, entitled “Symmetry”:


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