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Redd & Crosfield – Nov.13

Lyzzy Redd and Linda Crosfield traded art and words. Linda shared this piece, “She Sleeps,” with Lyzzy:

She SleepsIn response, Lyzzy wrote this poem:

The Labyrinth

A creak of the mind,
a clutch of the
head, wondering when
the pain will end.

She manifests herself,
and perhaps the labyrinth
too.                      These walls
              echo the past,
each holding a frame, showing
              what was
                            or was not,
and her thoughts muddle further.

Fading already.
It must be easier

to sleep. At least then
her mind controls its
but the hands                 tangled in her hair
              still cannot                                     navigate
the                      winding

Each step creaks beneath her,
and she clutches harder.

* * * * *

Lyzzy shared this poem with Linda:


Why don’t we save each other
first by talking, laughing, crying
then by unzipping
finally by merging one with the other
              over the busy street of
Why don’t we begin what should have
happened at the start
by touching the other’s collarbone
and swallowing what
belongs to us

In response, Linda created this collage, entitled “Busy Street of Distractions”:


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