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Davis & Beaudouin – Baltimore Ekphrasis Project

Matthew Clarke Davis and David Beaudouin traded art and words. Matthew shared this image, entitled “Sweet Talk,” with David:

Sweet Talk_Matthew DavisIn response, David wrote this poem:

After “Sweet Talk”

Dreaming out loud,
           we are calling you
for the answer.
           The ringing is not
the bell that wakes
           the dead. The cord has
yet to be cut.
           What is your answer?
Outside, the snow
           begins to deepen.
There is no dial
           tone, only the wind.
No operator,
           just your heartbeat
on the other
           end of this line.

* * * * *

David shared this poem with Matthew:

A Natural Bent

I wake up on the veranda
next to Iron Man,
It is the year before the great fire
that consumes us both.
We get to our feet,
unsure of our affections.
I know inside his metal
hide hides another,
maybe not a man
but something unearthly
and strangely beautiful
like a tangerine rolling
across white tile floor
awash in blood.
It’s not important
what the director thinks—
he is asleep and dreaming
at the speed of light.
We are alone in the morning
And harder for it.

In response, Matthew made this image, entitled “conflict fruit_MatthewClarkeDavisConflict Fruit”:

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