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Huddleston & Hagegeorge – Aug. 15

George Hagegeorge and Mary Huddleston traded art and words. Mary shared this painting, entitled “Beach Scene,” with George:

IMG_3583In response, George wrote this short poem:

let yourself go
down to the sand
like human sausages
in nature’s frying pan
Neptune has called you
to the edge of the land
an ocean pilgrimage

to where all life began

* * * * *
George shared this poem with Mary:
bricks are crumbling all around
House of Wisdom’s falling down
managing to stay alive
while weaker threads cannot survive
opening the book of lies
to see whats been through sharpened eyes
in catacombs we find the dusted
skulls of those in whom we trusted
and without hesitation
leaving to a higher station
just to look at dying tribes
who silhouette against red skies
so we baste our lives in fear
of darker days looming near
crushing anything which makes us
lose our grip of what we trusted
change of tricks that don’t resound
in subtle ways turned upside down
fastening the power drive
so stronger factions come to thrive
reach below and testify
so what we say is unified
sacred reasons glittering rusted
memories of words adjusted
moving in the force of creation
spinning gyrating rotation
just to look at pulsing vibes
what do these bricks symbolize

In response, Mary made this painting, entitled “The Remains of the Day”:

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  1. August 27, 2015 1:51 pm

    nice art work- colors- remind of klee, dufy

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