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Crane & Berriolo – Aug. 15

Elena Berriolo and Shari Crane traded art and words. Elena shared this piece, entitled “Oh, If I Could Write Music,” with Shari (click to enlarge):


In response, Shari wrote this poem:


First trombone, Advanced Band
5’ 11 ¾”
So large I’m invisible
Good at geometry; dislike the geometry of school dances
Understands the plight of a trombone

First trumpet, Advanced Band
Sits in the row behind me
Rides the center of the pitch
Spidery fingers; smells like a symphony
Turtle-green eyes, ripe apricot hair
Chronic trumpet fever; curable?

Invisible to Aiden
Navel shirt—cleaning my trombone
One dress code violation
Short-shorts—dropping Beethoven
Two dress code violations; Vice Principle’s office, sallow tile, voice like grits
Lunch detention. Ride the room’s flanks. Avoid girl wearing black and sneers
Not a trumpet; still invisible

After School

Eat pepperoni pizza your sister hid behind the butternut
Lock door; 10 minutes of scales
Stars and Stripes Forever, John Philip Sousa; 15 minutes, feels like forever
Fanfare For The Common Man, Aaron Copland; 45 minutes of trumpet domination
Ave Maria, Franz Schubert, trumpet solo; play until dinner, or until Mom yells

Showering alone; soap doesn’t count
Water traces my breasts like spidery fingers
Oh, to be the mouthpiece of Aiden’s trumpet
If only I could write music; Fanfare For The Common Coronet
Turtle-green eyes brush my notes
Oh yes
Oh if I could
If I
If I
Could if I could
* * * * *

Shari shared this poem with Elena:

A Season Unfinished

I remember you still,
          tacking lines
with your tractor,
          à deux, your
shirt torn, the flash
          of your zigzag scar,
I remember you, still
          stitching toward autumn,
and ache— as
          doves rise
from pregnant earth

In response, Elena made this book of thread and sumi ink on paper, entitled “A Season Unfinished” (click any image to enlarge to slides):


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