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Exquisite Fantastic: Juliette Goodwin

February 29, 2020

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Contributor 9: Juliette Goodwin, February 29, 2020

Dervish Majorette


Title: Dervish Majorette

Juliette’s Inspiration: Color was the first thing that established itself in this piece, inspired by The Pele Allowance by Edward Doyle-Gillespie. The crystal clear description of a deity, the reader’s lover, with a face painted in “oily black-and-red.” This instantly assembled in my head and on paper as an atomic explosion cloud. Clouds like these are all I can conjure up lately in my artwork, so Edward’s words paired well with what was already on my mind. Big, expensive explosions.

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Juliette Goodwin is a human who spends her days watching the always-changing sky and earth, documenting this earthly experience mostly in paintings and photographs. See more of her work at

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