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November 2014 — Issue 20

November 24, 2014


We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 20th issue of The Light Ekphrastic:
Sandy Anderson — Untitled; Plié, Tendu, Relevé (paintings)

Sam Corfman — Between Birds; Stonework (poetry)

Eleanor Edgeworth — Flight at Dawn; Grace From Stone (mixed media paintings)

Juliannah Harrison — Horizon Joe; Motherhood (izanami-no-Mikato births kagu Tsuchi (causer of fire)) (drawings)

Katie Hogan– Breaking Bread; Between Worlds (poetry)

Maureen Hynes — The New Calligrapher; To bring people back from the dead (poetry)

Sharain Mines — Breaking Bread; True Reflection (paintings)

Erin Ouslander — Sticks and Stones Will Heal My Bones

Francine Rubin — Views of a City; Translation (poetry)

Dina Riddle — Changes; Sand in the Cactus (paintings)

John Ronan — The Watchman; Death, A Definition (poetry)

Jordan Shelton — Jobbs: Typographic Portrait

Monique Zamir — The Red Ventricle Fractures into Pieces; On Television (poetry)

Artist Bios — November 2014


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  1. November 25, 2014 3:12 pm

    Reblogged this on Quillfyre and commented:
    Check out the latest from The Light Ekphrastic November 2014 issue is now up!

  2. Jae Sherwood permalink
    December 19, 2014 10:13 am

    Hello, I am interested in your collaborations and have entered some pieces to be considered in your next volume. I also subscribe to Poets and Writers. The current issue has an article which is right up your alley. Let me know if the link doesn’t work. Please enjoy. Jae Sherwood (referred by Earle Wood)

    • December 30, 2014 9:40 pm

      Hey Jae, Sorry I’m just now seeing this. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m very interested in you for the May issue…if it’s okay with you, I’ll keep you on tap for then? Thank you! – Jenny

      • October 24, 2016 1:43 pm

        Jenny, I don’t know if you’re even still working there, but I see now, almost two years later, that you did reply to my submission! Thank you for that. I guess I thought I’d get an email or something. My fault entirely. I see that you don’t need writing for the Feb 2017 issue, but I am still interested in submitting. I hate leaving things unresolved, so I just wanted to write to you. Hopefully you’re still there to my reply. Thanks for your previous interest. Jae

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