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Schupp & Jones – May 2016

Emory Jones and Bonnie J. Schupp traded art and words. Bonnie shared this piece, entitled “Alice,” with Emory:


In response, Emory wrote this poem:

Singing Grandma

She sits in her wheelchair
By the wide-open window,
Her single foot on the foot rest,
In a white patterned dress.
Her hands are raised,
As if she were directing a choir.

Head tilted back,
She sings
In a beautiful soprano–
“Jesus loves me,
This I know,
For the Bible
Tells me so.”

* * * * *

Emory shared this poem with Bonnie:


Miss Georgia splashed her canvas
With purples, oranges, reds
And gave the world New Mexico.

She made the scenes so vibrant
You could almost feel the heat
Rising from the rock
Sandblasted by the wind.

A few cacti scattered across the scene
And a century plant, roots reaching for water,
Almost in bloom
Add to the palate.

A powder-blue sky with puffs
Spreads sun-dazzled light
Across this patch of desert

Thank you, Miss Georgia, for you have shown us
Beauty in rock and sand.

In response, Bonnie made this image, entitled “Stone Flower”:


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