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Richmond & Krause – Baltimore Ekphrasis Project

Carly Richmond and Kevin Krause traded art and words. Carly shared this photograph, entitled “Amaryllis,” with Kevin:


In response, Kevin wrote this poem:

For Tityrus

Amaryllis with head hung, pistil-tongued
shepherdess opening like an apple cored
and quartered. You left the fruit in the trees,

chose instead to weep among the blush
of vineyards. As well, the firs pine, the springs
sob, but for what? So sweet to the moth

you are, honey for the carpenter, crisp
in March. A wail blooms from somewhere
within, a lamb bleats at the end of a crook.

* * * * *

Kevin shared this poem with Carly:

On a Morning Run at Druid Hill Lake

Red-winged blackbird
you are not an oriole
you are
not an oriole
are not

an oriole.
You are not
a bird uniform
in black and orange
but red-winged and black

flitting in the peripheral
as I run
one of many
circles looping
the reservoir.

In response, Carly made this image, entitled “Nestled”:


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