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Coley & Kim – November 2016

Katy Kim and Suzanne Coley traded art and words. Suzanne shared this image, entitled “One Hundred Years,” with Katy:


In response, Katy wrote this poem:

One Hundred Years

Jessamine only blooms at nighttime—
and the petals can cup moonlight

like my mother’s hands. I stand
at the edge of the garden always.

Lashes soft, the length of my neck
proud and watching, like the women

before me. My daughter’s indigo shadow
flutters though the grass. In my eyes,

she is a blue sun, the epicenter of a new orbit.
She circles in the garden before me

and dangles dark beads from her palm;
can name the parts of a flower:

roots, stamen, pistil.

I don’t call her name today, or say the words
I’ve always known. It’s late, but she dances

on her own time: my own Queen of the Night.

* * * * *

Katy shared this poem with Suzanne:


When all the sailors were below deck
I was all my moon’s as I tiptoed helmwards.

Bony feet balanced the rolling waves— let crash crest by crest.
And my moon, like ivory whittled to cameo.

Damnable destiny cast between us, treasure to plunder
Striated in a growing wake behind us.

And again let waves crash. Instant linking constellations
From each other’s gazing would bring us to our senses.

So while the Caracas coast fading her belly
Goes compass and telescope at the fracas for dawning

And while waking sailors were yawning and sharpening
I remembered my moon’s face peering towards my hungry heart,

Her fortune in mine, our rounded silvery coins—
Nevermore love than on the sleepless sea.

In response, Suzanne made this image, entitled “Pale Spirit”:

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