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Nohe & Wondolowski – Baltimore Ekphrasis Project

Tim Nohe and Rupert Wondolowski traded art and words. Tim shared this, a composite of images from his video installation project “Candles For Faust,” with Rupert:

Composite-LED-Tim Nohe

In response, Rupert wrote this poem:

We were beyond restless,
we changed parking lots.
Time is muscle torn
back in the mindwebs
of that musty bar.
Summoning holes of grief
to pour sweet granny caulk into.

A little owl seamstress
made a cottage from
the day’s textile picnic,
but then that guy doing
cherry bombs fell through it.
Please don’t let the Light
be from a road cop’s flash,
or step in the backroom
with Mullet Mike.

* * * * *

Rupert shared this poem with Tim:

spring makes me small

I am not as cheerful
as my shirt would indicate
or as horrified
as my hair

in between the seething
fur can be futile
and jackals make good dads

tumble me this yoga mat
a sun rises from my
rib cage into my esophagus and
there just isn’t room for it

In response, Tim made this image, entitled “The Little Owl Seamstress”:

Nohe-LED-02 (1)


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