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The Baltimore Ekphrasis Project

bmoreekphrasisbannerThe Baltimore Ekphrasis Project is a collaboration between LED Baltimore and The Light Ekphrastic, scheduled to run on the Baltimore LED Art Billboard in March 2015.  Sixty-six Baltimore-area writers and artists have been chosen to  create new work inspired by the work of their partners. Final written works will be presented as excerpts on top of art on the LEDBaltimore Billboard, and in full in a special online issue of The Light Ekphrastic.

See the special issue online here!

Work will be rotated on the LED board weekly to feature the following pairs:

Week of March 16:

Beth Williams and Seola Lee
Edward Williams and Edward Doyle-Gillespie
Sylvia Fischbach-Braden and A.J. Hayes
Mary K. Skeen and Matthew Zingg
Bob Schofield and Judith Krummeck
Magan Ruthke and Kat Malone
Maggie Robbins and Fitz Fitzgerald
Carly Richmond and Kevin Krause
Erin Ouslander and Elinor Abbott

Week of March 23:

Lorraine Imwold and Mychael Zulauf
Sanzi Kermes and Laura Shovan
Leonard Kogan and Tracy Hauser
Minas Konsolas and Anna Slesinski
Dara Lorenzo and CarlaJean Valluzzi
Kate MacKinnon and Aurora Engle Pratt
Tim Nohe and Rupert Wondolowski
Nicole Ostrowski and Whitney Schultz

Week of March 30:

Jim Doran and Juliana Converse
Christian Elder and Ashlie Kauffman
Cheryl Fair and Dave K.
Katie Feild and Mandy May
Jared Fischer and Dylan Kinnett
Juliette Goodwin and Caryn Coyle
Alina Grigorovitch and Howard Markman
Baltimore Hoop Love and Matt Hohner

Week of April 6:

Carlton Anderson and Heather Rounds
Dayna Carpenter and Gregg Wilhelm
Dottie Campbell and Tracy Dimond
Jennifer Bishop and Anthony Moll
Marlayna Demond and Amy Arthur
Matthew Clarke Davis and David Beaudouin
Se Jong Cho and Jacob Budenz
William Brown and Eric D. Goodman


* * * * *

For Participating Writers and Artists

Using the piece submitted by your partner as inspiration, you will create a new piece of art or writing, to be submitted to by midnight, Saturday, February 28. When shown on the LED billboard, writing produced will be presented on top of the image that inspired it. Editors will choose the excerpts.

Please remember that all artwork and writing should be appropriate for outdoor public consumption (i.e., no nudes, no politics, no foul language). Editors reserve the right to refuse submissions based on these rules.

Writers: Written works should be 1,000 words or less and submitted as a Microsoft Word or .txt document.

Artists:  Images must incorporate a large “blank” space over which text might appear (treetops, sky, water, color blocks, etc.) and must follow these specs:  Dimensions: 1536H x 1280W Color mode: RGB DPI: 72 File type: JPEG.

Questions? Contact Jenny O’Grady, editor of The Light Ekphrastic, at

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    Change the world for arts sake


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