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Corfman & Edgeworth — Nov. 14

Eleanor Edgeworth and Sam Corfman traded art and words. Eleanor shared this painting, “Flight at Dawn,” with Sam:


In response, Sam wrote this poem:















* * * * *

Sam shared this poem with Eleanor:


sharpen the chisel on lapis lazuli,
opal is a choir of hues

sculpture is made by creatures
who can never make something more perfect
than themselves,
because vision straightens columns,
perfect columns are built bowed


the calamity has not yet hit

we’ll be left
with what’s called wreckage

too many pieces
to identify individually

we’ll learn that excavation
must call some pebbles dross
to call others gold

requiring what’s called vision


whatever we call graces

is found entering
the arched spaces,
vaulted with graves,
or the marble quarry,
its stillborn figure
unpolished out of stone


because matter cannot be created nor destroyed
there must be stones made of heart

carved from chests

the wave in the ground
the rocks organizing themselves

In response, Eleanor created this mixed media painting entitled “Grace From Stone”:



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