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Sands & Byrne – May 2012

Carabella Sands and Richard Byrne traded work. Carabella shared this drawing, “Robot Vomiting,” with Richard:


In response, Richard wrote this poem:

The (Rough) Ballad(e) of the (Sick) Robot

They made me from metal
They made me from wires
The perfect tool
To accomplish man’s desires

I felt nothing at all
When I took on a task
With cool detachment
I did what I was asked

Of course I was smart
Smarter than my designers
To the point that I could
Correct all of their errors

I proved capable too
Of some horrible deeds
No morals deterred
My cruel efficiencies

I sent men to their graves
Made widows of wives
Their children made orphans
No respecter of lives

One day I looked round
And saw all I had done
All beings had vanished
My brilliance spared no one

And though just a robot
I now had to replace
What was now missing
The disappeared human race

I could not sleep, and drink
Would fry my circuitry
So I tried to eat…
That would not kill me

But my insides were metal
Wires cannot digest
I could not keep it down
Could not even taste

And so I did wretch.

* * * * *

Richard shared this poem with Carabella:

Sunday Morning, Wicklow Town

The fields break out in a melted sweat.
Chill smudges the hedgerows.

Last night, coy June spilled
Her flowers and fled,

Chased east into the gray sea below.
Now, her slight parishioners

Called by the bell to prayer,
Tilt in the stiff, damp breeze.

And when the bell’s clang stops,
There’s only the rooks’ awkward pruck;

Their black wings fill
The shivering valley up. 

In response, Carabella made this untitled drawing (click to see larger image):

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  1. Haikukitty permalink
    May 15, 2012 1:33 pm

    Love it! I love both the Richard’s robot ballad and Carabella’s response drawing so much! Fantastic!

  2. May 16, 2012 1:01 pm

    These are all wonderful! Well don, Richard and Carabella!

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