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Bates & Maire & K. – Feb. 11

Stacy Bates and Catherine Maire traded art and words. Stacy shared this drawing, “Inner Beauty,” with Catherine:

In response, Catherine wrote this poem:

Lola in Ecstasy

Her face limned by darkness.
Her long neck outstretched, head canted to the side.
Has she been slapped?
Her curved breast, pouted lips and painted eye
beckon your longing.

You may think this is sex, but look closer.

Drops from oceans rim her throat.
The wind of disbelief turns her cheek.
Passing time swells her breast.
The brush of galaxies shades her eye.
Music from the spheres flows through her hair.

Her lips, the dark sides of moons.

Lola forsook love and children to keep the
world a-whirling.
She hears not the voice of God or gods.
It is only her sigh,
the pivot and point of existence,
that keeps you

* * * *

Catherine shared this poem with Dave K.:


Irritated insanity scribbles senseless insomniagrams, counting down minutes by
second- hand blips and Times squared across a two-dimensional universe. What’s a
seven letter word for sleep?

In response, Dave K. drew this:

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