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Guzman & Demond – Feb. 16

Marlayna Demond and Charlie “Isa” Guzman traded art and words. Marlayna shared this photograph, entitled “Harpers Ferry,” with Isa:WV_Harpers_Ferry_Hillbrook-3666

In response, Isa wrote this poem:

Bird Janus
The old men clung to time
clung to hills. Time
held like a sentence 

And the moon spoke
rusted into stained moans.
watch the echo

As it was, as it will be.
in half over a branch.
with white pain.

The windows to our lives
that will never open.
hung in display, hummed

Day rippled the mirror,
Noise broke with silence
Was it the same?

as the dead tree
was illusion the bricks
you began and began again 

to night’s bones. Zinc roofs
Dazed of past and future,
rippled through the mirror.

The bird Janus broke
Old houses splattered or chipped
The withered vines hibernated.

led to empty rooms
The emptied shirts of our bodies,
the tune of spider webs.

and swung back into us.
as if there was peace.
Would it be the same?

* * * * *

Isa shared this poem with Marlayna:

Ruido Pequeno/Small Noises


Language lingers as a cleaver
stuck to the bone of a cow’s thigh.


Reaching into one’s own chest
to pluck unripe quenepas,
praying for a single full sentence.

El Amor de Mango/The Love of Mango

Our skin of mango leaves
reddens in anticipation
of a heart’s first beat.

La Luna Borinqueño/Borinquén Moon

The sky is nothing but an eye
colliding into a pool of blood,
passing sensually from cell to cell.

Manos Borinqueño/Borinquén Hands

Swollen hands of stone
make small sounds at night:
their clap sounds like coqui.

In response, Marlayna made this image, entitled “Speaking Through Rocks”:



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