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Ruhe-Schoen & Yuan – Aug. 2014

Janet Ruhe-Schoen and Changming Yuan traded art and words. Janet shared this piece, entitled “Community Theatre,” with Changming:

community_theater_2In response, Changming wrote this poem:

Community Theatre

Deep at the heart of our world is there
No stage, a place where we can put on

Shakespearean plays, or perform
Our own shows; rather, with the
The shades of our inner beings, we create
Our drama up on a huge open wall
Where each of us makes a soliloquy
Without seeing any other human shape
While gods and ghosts are dancing
In colored masques near the spotlight

Neither is there writing on the wall besides
Reflections of shadows of democracy

* * * * *

Changming shared this and other poems with Janet:


So heavy has the night grown
The horizon sags deep, deeper
Into the heart of the ocean, where

A new sun is slowly reacting, rising
As if to push up the entire world back
High above the morning

In response, Janet made this painting, entitled “Wave”:


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