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Fischer & Kinnett – Baltimore Ekphrasis Project

Jared T. Fischer and Dylan Kinnett traded art and words. Jared shared this image, entitled “Pork Mama Vaping,” with Dylan:

PorkMamaVaping-JaredTFischerIn response, Dylan wrote this story:

Conversation at the Jubilee Cafe

We take a seat in a booth by a window and wait for a server to appear with a menu. This place offers up an entire buffet of conversations to overhear, all at once.

“His doctor says that it’s spread to his liver now.” — “There’s that old bingo parlor out in the county.” — “Sure there are rules at the demolition derby. Like what? Like, you have to take all the anti-freeze out of the car and replace it with water.” — “What?” — “I don’t know.”

Staring at the speckled pattern on the tabletop, we don’t appear to be listening to anything in particular. I attempt to begin a conversation of our own.

“Did I tell you” — “Oh hello, so your name is Patsy is it? Patsy are you sure you can smoke that thing in here?” — “No, she didn’t hear that.” — “So as I was saying, I wanted to tell you — “

“What’ll ya have? Regular, decaf?”

“Oh, coffee? Are you having coffee? I’ll have coffee. Yes. Thank you.” — “So as I was saying, I wanted to tell you” — “I’m sorry? Oh, yes I think we would like another moment. Would we like another moment? Yes, we’re going to need another . Another moment. Thank you.” — “So, the thing is” — “Oh yes, thank you I’ll have the crab sandwich.” — “As I was saying, the thing is” — “Oh yes, everything is just fine, thank you. Delicious.”

Anyway, the thing about restaurants is, don’t talk with your mouth full.

* * * * *

Dylan shared this poem with Jared:


Shuffled up
Tossed and furious
Loose in the wind
To fly
Only so far
A speck in the light
And down again
On the ground

In response, Jared made this image, entitled “Hippo Piggy Flies a Kite”:


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