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Feild & May – Baltimore Ekphrasis Project

Katie Feild and Mandy May traded art and words. Katie shared this image, entitled “(snowfall),” with Mandy:


In response, Mandy wrote this poem:

dawn thaw

this light fragment, this break
and run from crystal splinter

peach milk blind, electric halo
current, violet leaking thrust

through mint haze and window
this base fissure refracts
soft violence of horizon

ecstatic with sky
cold thaw and dawn calm

* * * * *

Mandy shared this poem with Katie:


Red with patience
keeps me from honeyed sleep
and I want nothing
more than bone white
eye of bruiseless child.

There is no noise
in the blood of our bed,
the curl of our bodies
italic, the calligraphy
of our lips pocking skin.

We are alive with fever,
scarlet with scattered night
cries, but walking out open
palmed, gaping mouth,
eager ache.

In response, Katie made this pair of images, entitled “(open)”:


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