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.chisaraokwu. & Feild – February 2019

Katie Feild and .chisaraokwu. traded art and words. Katie shared this animation, titled “Ultima Kid Mitts,” with .chisaraokwu.:

In response, .chisaraokwu. wrote this poem:

A Blip & A Wrinkle

Round about 3 o’clock last night
I heard you bleeding the wood
Off my door. Again. I warned you
About trying to enter my space,
My space // warned you that
We would be no good together //
Warned you I sleep, sleep alone.
I reckon you think this a game.
Reckon you want to pound us
Into more than what we are, see
A future between us in the dark,
Spin a tale of missed connections
& call it a blip, a wrinkle this time.
Reckon tonight when you return,
I’ll open the door & let you back
In — claws, paws, & all. We won’t
Call it a sign. Reckon I won’t mind
the scratches. Reckon I will love you

* * * * *

.chisaraokwu.  shared this poem with Katie:

of adolescent love later in life (the lunar cycle)

he tongue-kissed hallucinations
into my consciousness & i spoke
oracles in tongues

/on that night /
the moon goddess & the son
that never leaves

her side danced
upon the sea.  we were
lunatics in love.

/praise be/ apollo
who kissed his beloved under
a veil & called

it love. persephone
cried elephant tears into her
hands & delivered them

whole to her
lover in a foxhole.  she
stayed & i am

in love with
a poltergeist.  i would drown
ninety-nine tomorrows for

one more kiss /
to wrestle with the ghosts &
watch the moon

goddess & her son
dance for us once more.
if only once.

In response, Katie made this animation, titled “99tomorrows_loop”: