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Noel & Bracken – Aug. 15

Ann Bracken and Andrea Noel traded art and words. Andrea shared this image, “Apple of God’s Eye,” with Ann:

11x7 Apple

In response, Ann wrote this poem:

The Apple in His Eyes

If I stare down at them long enough
maybe they’ll look up at the blue planet
reflected in my eyes.

I see them as they scramble and weep
chasing a paycheck
scraping someone else’s boots
slicing pain from their pale limbs.

I want them to remember love
to feel the green shade of tropical palms
to feast on plums warmed by the sun
to lift the blue cup of chilled water
soothe desert dry lips with honey.

One sip could awaken them
to the beauty of my garden.
Or are they numbed
by the busyness of survival?

Even the bees cease their buzzing
to rest when the sun disappears.

* * * * *

Ann shared this poem with Andrea:

Mrs. S

No one ever tells the story
of Mrs. Sisyphus
perhaps because she
endures at the bottom
of the hill
with all the little boulders
tumbling from above.
In between the spinning of cloth
and the baking of bread,
she rolls the children out the door
to play and rolls the food
home from the market.
Day after day
she jostles the water jugs
from well to house
and back .

She nudges and cajoles the
bigger boulders of animals
from pasture to barn
and finally to slaughter.
Preparing feasts
for all the Baby Sisiphi
who gather around the table
whining, When is Daddy coming home?

In response, Andrea made this painting, entitled “Mrs. S.”:


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  1. Barbara Ruth permalink
    August 23, 2015 10:22 pm

    Mrs.S – both poem and painting are wonderful. I am so glad her story has finally been written and painted!

  2. August 25, 2015 2:24 pm

    bottom art work luscious- design and colors

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