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Downie & Brown – Aug. 15

Cindy Brown and Morgan Downie traded art and words. Morgan shared this piece, entitled “Molnform,” with Cindy:


In response, Cindy wrote this poem:



Then an idea and
a swirling, cacophonous bang.

It begins this way, you know?
Out of darkness comes light that
bleeds into, and onto                 to begin


Bursting forth from the imagination,
yet absent of color, a rush of

moving through the

creating patterns, islands, oceans, storms,
stars and universes, words and art.
swirling around itself to rearrange the
and unknown.

where nothing was created
but is endlessly being created

* * * * *

Cindy shared this poem with Morgan:

Untitled 29

I dreamed last night of Wonderland,
a hop field and brewery in Kansas.

A place where you and I rode in a beat up, orange,
Dodge pickup truck you’d had since high school,
with a wood paneled roof you would throw back
so we could enjoy the sunshine. Or we flew
in wicker egg chairs, spinning and twirling over
the Earth until we felt like we might vomit,
touching down in a thicket of berry trees,
surrounded by rocks and waterfalls.

The slick tile floors of each building we toured
would cover in blue goo if we took our shoes off
and over the loudspeakers we would hear,
“OSHA violation! Please put on your shoes,”
and we would run,
until we were almost caught,
slide on our shoes,
and watch the goo disappear.

We helped to prepare for a wedding feast,
gathering peonies and collecting stones in mason jars with ribbons …

Waking up isn’t always easy when one dreams
of places made of magic, when one’s heart belongs
somewhere other than the day that has begun.

In response, Morgan made this image, entitled “Untitled 29”:

Tornado ekphrastic


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