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Exquisite Fantastic: Timothy Nohe

March 27, 2020

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Contributor 11: Timothy Nohe, March 27, 2020

Sentience Dreaming


Timothy’s Inspiration:  I was thinking of the “predatory mollusk” in Moss’ work, and I wondered about the unique evolutionary path that cephalopods took, their manifest intelligence, and the flashing colors of their lucid dreams. I was inspired by the images of Heather Moss’ poem “Twelve: The Conflagration,” especially the lines: “When best to serve a chewable tablet / on a scalloped plate? An optical / illusion in billowing ink from / the predatory mollusk: do you / see the manta ray, or twin faces / staring hash marks into each other’s / dilated pupils?”

See the work that inspired Timothy here.

Timothy Nohe is an artist, composer and educator engaging traditional and electronic media in civic life and public places. His work has been focused upon sustainability and place, and musical and video works for dance and live performance. Nohe has exhibited and performed his work in a range of national and international venues and was the recipient of a 2006 Fulbright Senior Scholar Award from the Australian – American Fulbright Commission. He is the founding Director of the Center for Innovation, Creativity and Research in the Arts (CIRCA) and a tenured Professor of Visual Arts at UMBC.

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