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Contributor Bios – November 2016

Taylor Bond is completing a degree in English literature and Film and media studies; additionally, she has worked as a freelance photographer and was a 2014-2015 Lannan Fellow. Recently her poems have been featured in REMINDER: The Syrian Refugee Crisis for the Stapleton Award, the Uncommon Grounds Art Scholarship, and has been selected as a finalist for the Hollins University Literary Festival Poetry Category. Her work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in Underwater New York, Carcinogenic, East Coast Magazine, and the Foundling Review, among others.

Suzanne Coley’s handmade papers, paintings, and illustrated books are artistic approaches to understanding the human experience. Her works combine original poetry, painting, and innovative printmaking techniques to examine the human condition and social issues arising from modern-day pressures. Suzanne uses a classical deconstructionist approach to storytelling. This approach reveals the nuances of text and imagery, and allows exploration and discovery of what lies beneath the various facets of human interaction. She studied papermaking at Dieu Donne Papermill in New York. She earned a Master of Humanities degree with concentrations in philosophy and classical literature from the University of Colorado’s Humanities Program. See her work at

Teresa Duggan lives in Baltimore city, where she often takes photos of seemingly random scenes spotted in streets and alleys. She’s drawn to scenes that have a curious arrangement of elements or a naturally pleasing composition. She likes little surprises, and scenes that make her, or the viewer, wonder what exactly is going on there. This is her first collaborative Ekphrasis project, and she found it to be a fun challenge. See more of her work in City Paper’s Contact Sheet, or the Baker Artist Portfolios.

Katy Kim is a student. Her work is forthcoming or published in Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Hermeneutic Chaos, The Blueshift Journal, Reality Beach, and The Margins, and has been featured on Verse Daily, among others.

Chris Koch is an artist working out of Baltimore. See more of his work at the Baker Artist Portfolios site.

Catherine Maire, a research chemist turned writer, received her MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts from the University of Baltimore in 2012. She has seen the Aurora Borealis and stood in the darkness of a total solar eclipse for a full minute. The next chapter of Catherine’s life takes her from her long-time home in Maryland to the wine country of California where she plans to discover the perfect Sauvignon Blanc.

Gina Pierleoni is a mixed media artist who uses portraiture to spark conversations about empathy and our common humanity.  WE ARE THEM, her interactive portrait installation, questions perception, habit and bias around where we place ourselves in relation to others.  Pierleoni’s images are acts of deep seeing that push past label and judgments; they “de-separate” us.  See more of her work at

JC Sulzenko uses the pseudonym A. Garnett Weiss when she writes poetry for adult readers. Weiss was first published in the Maple Tree Literary Supplement and work by Weiss has appeared at literary sites online, in various collections and in the most recent issue of Vallum: Contemporary Poetry, with its focus on the concept of speed. Read more of her work at

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