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Jackson & Demond – May 2020

Marlayna Demond and James Croal Jackson traded art and words. Marlayna shared this untitled piece with James:

In response, James wrote this poem:

where we stand
has fog to fade
cold spades we spoke
this morning we
want to forget the day
leaps off quarry bound-
less sea for clouds to
rush at us like waves
like renewal so sudden
and jagged the sun-
light through mist
we lift our arms
to fly     to dive
without our mouths
  of earth
* * * * * *
James shared this poem with Marlayna:

Truffle Shuffle Lodge (Hocking Hills, 2018)

a drone recording footage of
our cabin– if in the walls:
landlocked legs swinging
through the air in some
semblance of aerobics. finished
wood with trees climbing
architecture from first to third
floor, ticks of time rushing
beyond all stoppage,
mistletoe over the doors
& heads while everyone
sings songs of pretend
that nothing about us
will ever change.

In response, Marlayna made this animation, titled “Ticks of Time”:



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