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Markman & Brewer – February 2019

Shirley Brewer and Howard Markman traded art and words. Howard shared this song, titled “Anna,” with Shirley:

In response, Shirley wrote this poem:


I found a candy wrapper
deep in the pocket
of a sweater bound for new adventures.
That wrinkled remnant
made me pause.

Chocolate pleasure,
taste of another time—
our steps so light along the river path.
We planned a future
far beyond the Milky Way.

Where are you now, my sweet,
and are you also remembering?

* * * * *

Shirley shared this poem with Howard:

Astronomy Lesson

In third grade, Karen Brinkman’s mother
drove us to the Rochester planetarium
to hear Professor Spitzer, galaxy wizard,
spout a skyful of legends about space.

I believed stars stayed put
in the black silk purse of night.

Light-years later I fall off the last step,
my right foot bending under and back
like a piece of meat folding into bread.
Stars swell in the wild globe of my brain.

Professor Spitzer’s face appears.
Dare to shine, he says.

In response, Howard wrote this song, titled “Astronomy Lesson”:

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