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Kermes & Moss & Perchick – February 2019

Sanzi Kermes, Heather Moss, and Simon Perchick traded art and words. Sanzi shared this image, titled “Cobalt Blue,” with Heather:

In response, Heather wrote this poem:

Wild in the Tiles

My abdomen adorned with cursors,
cutwork jetways keckled across my
limpsey midriff. Femoral network
of xi, mi, qi — come see me plushly
maidish where you settled your cranium
the day we triple scored and bingoed.
Dextral patella (obverse, too) blights
beneath a lattice of blowups. Threads
bejewel each resting wrist: palmary
success for besting me at my game.

* * * * *

Simon shared this untitled poem with Sanzi:

Before this field blossomed
it was already scented
from fingers side by side

darkening the lines in your palm
the way glowing coals
once filled it with breasts

and everything nearby
was turned loose to warm the miles
the pebbles and stones brought back

pressed against her grave
–you heat the Earth with a blouse
that’s never leaving here.

In response, Sanzi made this image, entitled “Si”:

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