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Tomaro & Coomer – February 2018

Sandy Coomer and Ken Tomaro traded art and words. Sandy shared this image, entitled “Descending Night,” with Ken:

In response, Ken wrote this poem:


I closed my eyes only
for a second
and when I opened them again
I found myself in a place
most people would not want to be
I can’t say how I knew it was hell
but it was, I was certain
Contrary to what people would believe
it was actually quite beautiful
the flames were not angry like you might imagine
rather very soft
Little droplets of rainbow fire
popping off into the air above
and all around me like liquid fireworks
All that was bad
did not intensify
like you think hell might do
I had no thoughts of the end
or eternity
but that I would live to see another day
no matter what may come
even hell
And those who think
it is a bad place to be
have not spent their lives
in a frozen grave
so it is really quite comfortable

* * * * *

Ken shared this poem with Sandy:


Should it be unsettling
to know that
somewhere in an empty
and overgrown vacant lot
under a century’s-old
pile of tangled roots
and discarded litter
there is a rusted old shopping cart
I will use to carry what is left of
my life
around the streets of the city
for all to see

In response, Sandy  made this image, entitled “Tracks”:

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