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Gargano & Chinnock – August 2017

Alyse Chinnock and Kathryne Gargano traded art and words. Alyse shared this image, entitled “Corey’s Belt,” with Kathryne:

In response, Kathryne wrote this poem:

persephone falls in love with another daughter

in friendship we braid our hairs together           head / head
                                                                                      pit / pit
                                                                                      cunt / cunt
in friendship we reach across the cleft in the earth & brush hands
cardboard mountains cut between / i blow
them down (i am a falling house
fall inside) you
sprang from the seeds i swallowed / our lips
together i want to be so close to you i am
you / in friendship
i lick your muscles clean
alphabet the sound of you / touch you where you tell me to i break
my vows & somewhere
a man turns a girl into a tree / green year round her body
a trunk eyes leaves cunt rings as old as every man
who’s ever taken her or tried o mother
o gods
o keeper-man & river
from the barn at night i steal your voice
make it mine
wrap your hair around my hand & pray
in your throat i leave a hymn
arched ceilings fibrous echos
on your belly i lay my head & listen for spring
to return for the water the boundless sky

* * * * *

Kathryne shared this poem with Alyse:

the king comes home & the queen is dead

stapled to the bathroom floor like jesus rising
up like / a caldron for a stomach / for  a tomb
(like   jesus,   she’s   the   imprint,   the  mercy
without  spices,  chestnuts   and   grain,   nine
candles burning on the bathroom floor) draw
me  a  circle in  the water / fog-like spiders in
the window / the armchair queen is speaking
out  out  out  into  the waterweight / obey the
edge / her feet slip & the cry

In response, Alyse made this artwork, entitled “Obey the Edge”:

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