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Sanford & Lemieux – May 2016

Christy Sheffield Sanford and Margo Lemieux traded art and words. Christy shared this piece, entitled “Squid Dreams II,” with Margo:

1Squid Dream2

In response, Margo wrote this poem:

Aphotic Reverie

midnight zone
I need no rod nor cone
to perceive the undulating currents
the smell of blue green magenta indigo
moving from water to water
drifting dancing
me I see solas gealaí the moonlight
bioluminescent with silver stars
beads bubbling through expansive depths of ocean

I laugh sometimes
at the limits of human comprehension
prisoners to their eyes their ears their lips
feet glued to the ground
my home
devoid of solid surfaces
cradles my reverie in effervescence
aqueous pirouettes and
symphonic waltzes all
all there for me
midnight zone

* * * * *

Margo shared this poem with Christy:


Slow and wide
The slash of brilliant red orange grins from here to here
Spreading like the incoming tide.
The treetops slip into sharp silhouette.
Branches mock a stained glass cathedral window.
Like a brass cornet
A sudden giggle of song shakes the tableau.

Slow and wide
The sky
Cloud dimpled cheeks puffed pink and purple.
Crinkled laugh lines betray
Millions of years of repartee.
And the shadows chip with the chat of cardinals.

A pause then
                                                  between light and night.

A blast of fast frenzied rejoicing interrupts the indifferent dark.
Bluejay, chickadee, lark
In symphony sing a roundelay.
One great dazzling eye winks at the morning.
The transmutation into day.

In response, Christy made this collection of images, entitled “Awakening”: