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Robbins & Fitzgerald – Baltimore Ekphrasis Project

Maggie Robbins and Fitz Fitzgerald traded art and words. Maggie shared this image, entitled “Living Roam,” with Fitz:

LivingRoam_MaggieRobbinsIn response, Fitz wrote this poem:


Juliannah reads
the café
magic cap
red scarf
seismic click bait
why is a raven
like a davenport
shrinky dinks, finally
a worthy opponent
Union Station
turned into Penn
hello Miss CarlaJean
it is 11:13

* * * * *

Fitz shared this poem with Maggie:

sun papers

mercury at dawn delivers the word
tottering on my head like a case
somnambulating between halos, lamps
kneeing parked cars, cracking grills
stuffing smashed chutes, toppled boxes
casualties of midnight joyrides with a bat
you seem to understand these selves
curb feeler antennas for the maze
sage toasting prohibition’s repeal
the watch watching the warp
out of mind, out of head
sometimes a liberator
other times weird, strange
but it’s getting better

In response, Maggie made this image, entitled “Water More”:


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