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Pescatore & Rosenzweig Pincus – Nov. 15

Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus and Thomas Pescatore traded art and words. Marsha shared this image, entitled “Daphne,” with Thomas:

Marsha__Rosenzweig_Pincus-daphneIn response, Thomas wrote this poem:


“Death is acommin in
                                                and mocks my loss of Liberty”

63. The Tree
Cast a shadow over villages
made into the face of the moon,
a tree impervious to seasons, to death,
a pile of limbs, no dent,
in its cradle of branches,
a man, sap marks his blade,
blood, sweat, aching steel,
folded and sharpened by fire,
absurd Wu Gang chopping,
chopping still;

an impossible task.

39. Daphne
my fingernails
                                   now leaves before the night

for winter

tho earth may dry and crack

my roots
sink deep
                                   shall never die

52. Lust/Chastity
a chase
a tragedy

the word once spoken is law

an oath
an apology

46. Genes
Bay Laurel:
                     of the order Laurales
                                   of the family Lauraceae
                     of the Genes Laurus
of the species L. nobilis

5. Chastity/Lust
an anachronism
an image

works written for the page

a relic
a wreath

18. Apollo
By her limbs
                                   I have wronged

yet I will not learn
but yearn
through an arrow
and in so doing

tho the earth may pass before my age

I shall
not want

shall not be sated

36. The Moon
Madcap, the 64 signs
hear tell of the rabbit,
lives on the moon,
there, he pounds the medicine
of the earth,
in the lunar light,
for the coming age,
the luster, holy water
reflected in
Buddha’s pail;
a body never burns.

* * * * *

Thomas shared this poem with Marsha:

Snowy Peaks of the Desert

Old wise white topped Humphreys
sits like blue phantom cloud,
like blue of the Earth blue,
stranded north of Kendrick Peak,
Tri-crowned Summit Hill
rises into view.

Now I tell myself, I am in the West.
Snow capped mountains always tell me
I’m West, Always watching over,
immortal gods of landscape
Past Present Future
delicate beautiful

In response, Marsha made this image, entitled “Redrock”:


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