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Bagwell & Justice – Nov. 15

Christopher Justice and David B. Bagwell traded art and words. David shared this painting, entitled “Extinction,” with Christopher:


In response, Christopher wrote this poem:

A Geometry Long Forgotten

On a rooftop, where blue is everything is blue, I landed to meet It
watching…a poet across the skyline cross the sky, then jump and descend
into fragments, until the blue and her poetry vanished.

The only things I remember are a yellow dome and a blue pyramid and the
distant memory of a geometry long forgotten.

Yet a poem, scribbled on a sheet of paper, floated up like a red snowflake
drifting upside down, defying gravity, then landing on Its shadow.

I walked toward the roof’s lonely right angle, picked up her poem, and read
it to It…

“Fireworks are clichés
for fireflies,
just as
Kites are clichés
for kites.”

It smiled an alligator smile and winked like the Cyclops, then jumped, too,
like the poet.

But It left no poem. It left nothing, but its shadow and the distant memory
of a geometry long forgotten.

* * * * *

Christopher shared this poem with David:

Squares and Circles

Where she sees circles,

I see squares,

and the window is closed,

so the hornets, wasps, and bees don’t enter.

Where she sees triangles,

I see rectangles,

and the window is opened, slightly.

These hornets, wasps, and bees

seek a new Nectar,

and we’re left to ponder,

like numb angels,

their intoxicating, zigzag flight.

In response, David made this painting, entitled “squares and circles”:

squares and circles(1)

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